The Best of BIND 4.0


6th of July - Euskalduna Bilbao

Elite Disruptive Startups + Industry Leading Corporates + Innovation Speakers

The Best of BIND 4.0


6th of July - Euskalduna Bilbao

Elite Disruptive Startups + Industry Leading Corporates + Innovation Speakers

Discover the latest applications of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Artificial Vision and other disruptive technologies, alongside our 70 Industry-leading Corporate Partner Companies and our 25 Startups in the 7th edition of BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program. In addition, meet Steve Blank, creator of the Lean Startup movement and our keynote speaker at our Demo Day!



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Check out the schedule, starting with our keynote speaker and innovation reference, Steve Blank, and learn about the exciting Industry 4.0 projects developed between Startups and Corporate Venture Clients. 


The Father of Modern Entrepreneurship, Steve Blank, joins Demo Day 2023!

BIND 4.0 Demo Day presents you 25 elite startups, selected by 70 leading Corporate Clients from the Basque Country and connects you to innovation leaders and Industry insiders. 

This year, attend professor Steve Blank’s conference, the co-inventor of the Lean Startup movement from Silicon Valley who has become a world reference in the entrepreneurial sector.

At Demo Day 2023 you will…

  • Hear from one of the leading voices in Lean Startup success, Steve Blank
  • Discover directly from Industry Leaders, the technologies they are prioritizing in their digital transformation journey 
  • See the results of Industry 4.0 Real Use Case Projects Developed in the last few months
  • Engage with BIND 4.0 Startups and see the Latest Client-Validated Technologies
  • Learn which Industry 4.0 Solutions were implemented by our Corporate Venture Clients
  • Gain Insight into Creating Successful Collaborations and Real Impact in the Marketplace


BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Platform keeps growing via new programs and initiatives that are making our industries and organizations more solvent, productive and competitive. Learn about our Acceleration program, SME Connection and BIND 4.0 GovTech and find out how to put your innovation into action, whether you are… 

  • A company looking for relevant success stories, examples of positive open innovation collaborations and potentially contract startups with the latest technology. 
  • An SME/ public organization interested in boosting its digitalization through collaboration with startups. 
  • An industry investor looking for the most groundbreaking solutions backed by leading Corporate customers
  • A Startup focused on providing cutting edge solutions for AI, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Vision, Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative Robotics, Cybersecurity, Augmented/ virtual Reality, and other innovative technologies
  • An Industry 4.0 and Innovation Insider, looking to expand their knowledge of Industry 4.0 trends and Open Innovation collaborations


At BIND 4.0, we value projects that go above and beyond expectations. At Demo Day 2023, we want to show you what we have achieved through Open Innovation and the collaboration between startups and partners. 

Join us as we present awards to the most groundbreaking projects in the programme; those that make a difference in our industries and societies. 

BIND 4.0 is the key to connecting the main players and the latest solutions in Industry and Innovation.


An exciting space with 25 booths to meet face to face with the startup teams creating the technologies that are currently being implemented in the marketplace. 


Connect with Industry Leaders, investors and Innovative Startups, easily set up meetings and create relationships with key players in the Basque Innovation Ecosystem. 


The BIND 4.0 Demo Day will take place at the Euskalduna Palace, located in the heart of Bilbao. The venue is easily accessible by public transport, and it has private parking as well. 

The presentation of the Startup-Corporate Industry 4.0 Projects will take place in Room 0B, while you’ll find the Expo Zone outside the Room, in Exhibition Hall I.

We look forward to seeing you there!

4, Abandoibarra Av., 48011, Bilbao, Spain.