11 Participant Startups

11 participant startups developing Industry 4.0 projects for 10 corporates.


Addimen & Mercedes-Benz Vitoria

Addimen will apply additive manufacturing to Mercedes Benz’s metal pieces at its vans plant in Vitoria.


Addimen & Repsol / Petronor

Addimen will obtain 3D models of a very specific piece used in Petronor-Repsol’s oil refinery in Muskiz. The manufacturing of these pieces does currently take around 12 months and both partners expect it to take 24-48 hours one additive manufacturing is introduced in the process. Petronor-Repsol wants also to create a virtual 3D map of all the pieces it uses at its refinery.






Bigda Solutions & Mercedes-Benz

Bigda Solutions will increase energy efficiency at Mercedes-Benz vans’ plant in Vitoria with advanced analytics solutions.









Embeblue & CAF

Embeblue will use predictive maintenance to monitor railway operator Renfe’s trains from its base near Madrid.

Innovae & ABB

Innovae will develop a maintenance assistance system based on augmented reality for ABB in Barcelona.


Innovae & Danobat

Innovae will apply augmented reality and wearables to machine tools manufacturing processes at Danobat‘s plant in Elgoibar.




Algo Engines & Nem Solutions

Algo Engines will apply auto-regressive models (Arima) at Nem Solutions offices in San Sebastian.


Algo Engines & Nabla - Grupo Alcor

Algo Engines will develop a remote monitoring application for wind energy operators.



CreativiTIC & CAF

CreativiTic will develop visual manuals to be used by workers at train manufacturer CAF‘s plant of Castejón.


CreativiTIC & Michelin

CreativiTic will use augmented reality to capture and treat production data at tire manufacturer Michelin’s plant of Vitoria.



Irisbond & ABB

Irisbond will develop a communication protocol based on eye tracking technologies for ABB in Barcelona.






Zylk & ITP

Zylk Industry will develop a big data solution to optimize manufacturing processes at airplane engines manufacturer ITP‘s plant in Zamudio.






Bihartech & CAF

Bihartech will train workers of train manufacturer CAF with VR tools.










Decidata & Euskaltel

Decidata will apply big data to identify patterns of behaviour in telecom operator Euskaltel‘s mobile customers in order to optmize investments in its network.





Hupi & Maier

Hupi will apply big data and machine learning to chrome plated processes at auto parts manufacturer Maier in Gernika.