Accelerate your business with real projects and customers from world-leading Industry 4.0 companies

We’re looking for startup companies developing Industry 4.0 solutions

The fourth edition of our highly successful acceleration program connects you with leading Industry 4.0 manufacturing, energy, healthcare and food tech companies and contracts worth up to €150,000

Apply today and join one of the strongest industrial ecosystems in Europe (Basque Country) a top-rated location for market opportunities and growth

OPEN INNOVATION SHOWCASE – 6 & 7 July 2021. Register Now!
open iinovation showcase

The Best of BIND 4.O – 6 & 7 July 2021
Industrial Innovation in action

Join Industry Startups, Investors and Top Companies and put industrial innovation into action. The Best of BIND 4.0 is coming, register now to the Open Innovation Showcase.

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Industry 4.0 Corporate Partners

BIND 4.0 corporate partners are market-leading innovators in manufacturing, energy, health and food technology.
These Industry 4.0 partners become customers of our startups, offering paid contracts worth up to €150,000 and serving as references.
They can also offer access to networks, people, and tools to help build a startup’s business. BIND 4.0 startups and corporate partners grow together.