Who’is the most influential professional in the Industry 4.0 field? We have introduced 300 people in an influence metrics tool in order to find out who are those that frequently speak about Industry 4.0 on social media. Twitter and Linkedin are the most used tools and the US, Germany and France are the countries where most of them live. Many work for big companies such as Bosch, IBM, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft or Siemens.

This is the complete list (updated every day):

And these are the Top 10:
1. Warner Vogels is the CTO of Amazon since 2005 and blogs since 2001 about “scalable and robust distributed systems”, as he’s one of the top world experts about cloud computing.

2. Scott Hanselman describes himself as “Coder, Blogger, Teacher, Speaker and Author” and works for Microsoft as Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools. Also an authority in cloud computing issues.

3. Eric Vanderburg is an expert in cyber security and works for a small consultancy. Also maintains a blog called Security Spotlight.

4. Craig Brown is an expert in big data and artificial intelligence. He is written a book, speaks at conferences and mentors startups.

5. Dana Blouin is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and IoT Thought Leader. Originally from the US, he is currently a Ph.D candidate and researcher at SIIT—Thammasat University in Bangkok.

6. Harriet Green is the leader of the IoT business at IBM. She used to be the CEO of Thomas Cook, a travel agent.

7. Vala Afshar is Chief Digital Evangelist for Salesforce and the author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence.

8. Soraya Paniagua is a freelance journalist from Madrid who used to work for Telefónica and has recently become an expert in 3D Printing and Big Data.

9. Rowan Trollope is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications.

10. Paul Sonnier is a digital health social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and executive management strategy consultant.