After matching partners and startups’ expectations, we are ready to announce the names of the winners… actually the new Industry 4.0 companies that will take part in the first edition of Bind 4.0. And we have very good news, as 13 startups from 5 countries will finally participate in the acelleration programme and start a new Industry 4.0 project with one of Bind 4.0’s partners. They will work in the following fields: augmented reality, cyberphisical systems, virtual reality, internet of things, big data, data analytics, predictive maintenance, machine learning and additive manufacturing.

These are their names:
Addimen: additive manufacturing
Algo Engines: internet of things and data analytics
Bigda: data analytics
Bihartech: virtual reality
Creativitic: augmented reality
Decidata: big data
Embeblue: internet of things
Glartek: predictive maintenance
Hupi: big data and machine learning
Innovae: augmented reality
Irisbond: cyber phisical systems internet of things
Zylk Industry: data analytics