The selection of Bind 4.0’s participants is done and we can now disclose the Industry 4.0 projects that startups will develop for their customers, ten large industrial companies. They are all related to big data, additive manufacturing, predictive systems, IoT

Addimen will apply additive manufacturing to Mercedes Benz’s metal pieces at its vans plant in Vitoria.

– Addimen will obtain 3D models of a very specific piece used in Petronor-Repsol’s oil refinery in Muskiz. The manufacturing of these pieces does currently take around 12 months and both partners expect it to take 24-48 hours one additive manufacturing is introduced in the process. Petronor-Repsol wants also to create a virtual 3D map of all the pieces it uses at its refinery.

Algo Engines will apply auto-regressive models (Arima) at Nem Solutions offices in San Sebastian.

– Algo Engines will apply big data to the auto parts manufacturing process of Alcor in Vitoria.

Bihartech will train workers in Castejón of train manufacturer CAF with VR tools.

Bigda Solutions will increase energy efficiency at Mercedes-Benz vans plant in Vitoria with advanced analytics solutions.

CreativiTic will develop visual manuals to be used by workers at train manufacturer CAF‘s plant of Castejón.

– CreativiTic will use augmented reality to capture and treat production data at tire manufacturer Michelin’s plant of Vitoria.

Decidata will apply big data to identify patterns of behaviour in telecom operator Euskaltel‘s mobile customers in order to optmize investments in its network.

Embeblue will use predictive maintenance to monitor railway operator Renfe’s trains from its base near Madrid.

Glartek will develop a predictive maintenance platform for handling systems provider Ulma at its Oñati plant.

Hupi will apply big data and machine learning to chrome plated processes at auto parts manufacturer Maier in Gernika.

Innovae will develop a maintenance assistance system based on augmented reality for ABB in Barcelona.

– Innovae will apply augmented reality and wearables to machine tools manufacturing processes at Danobat‘s plant in Elgoibar.

Irisbond will develop a communication protocol based on eye tracking technologies for ABB in Barcelona. will develop a solution based on beacons for electronics components manufacturer Fagor Ederlan‘s plants in Mondragon and Estepona.

Zylk Industry will develop a big data solution to optimize manufacturing processes at airplane engines manufacturer ITP‘s plant in Zamudio.