As one of the top tech events in the world, the last edition of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress has introduced an important amount of Industry 4.0. Besides the large car manufacturers coming to the Catalan city to show their future connected vehicles, artificial intelligence robots and virtual reality have been two of the main attractions.

These are the main Industry 4.0 trends seen at this congress:
– Connected and smart vehicles. There were at least 4 brands showing their progress in this field.
– Virtual reality. It was supposed to be a B2C product but so far it is a B2B one. As an example, Audi is using it to let customers choose the color of the leather of their car’s seats.
– Artificial Intelligence robots that improve business process. SK Telecom showed a salesman robot that was capable of looking at people’s eyes to sell products in a shop.
– 5G connections brought to smart factories by China Mobile and both Nokia and Ericsson.