An industrial marketer, a serial entrepreneur and a Linkedin whizz recently explained at Bind 4.0 how they growth-hack their businesses. Overalia’s Guillermo Vilarroig took the most academic part, explaining the marketing process from initial research to the final measuring of a campaign, while Carlos Polo and Gerard Compte showed real live examples of what startups do to capture customers.

“Agile companies are 34% more profitable”, said Vilarroig, who focused mainly on the case of a multinational company, machine-tool manufacturer Danobatgroup. His agency increased the visibility of this customer on Google by building new sites for each country and blogs that aligned with its SEO strategy. Results were impressive: Danobatgroup got new business and a 125% increase in online leads.

As for serial entrepreneur Carlos Polo, he presented several examples from his past startups. During his time at a small technology consultancy, he managed to growth-hack Blackberry and was able to form a partnership with the former smartphone leader.

He also explained that giving out t-shirts at events was not as successful as he expected, but that a good e-mail campaign could bring hundreds of new customers. Now he finds using Facebook Ads is a more effective way to test and launch new products.

This strategy is also being used by Gerard Compte, one of the world’s biggest experts in growth hacking through social media. He explained how Bind 4.0 startups can successfully find and grab the attention of potential customers on Linkedin and Twitter.

growth hacking at Bind 4.0