If you are planning to apply to Bind 4.0, this post is of your interest, as we are providing detailed information on how to make the perfect application. If you have already applied and want to change what you included, you can just drop us an email anytime.

1. Look at the videos of our partners, as it’s them who will do the final matching. It’s very important to know what they need and what challenges they suggest in order to adapt your video and application.

2. Explain with many details what your startup does and what results you plan to obtain from its projects. Try to match these results with the needs of your favorite industrial partners.

3. Explain how your startup is different than other startups working in the same field.

4. Explain what type of help your startup needs in order to grow and be accelerated.

5. Create a video. It can be as simple as the CTO showing your technical skills by describing how you have solved a certain need. We advise to use the video to explain one project/product, not the whole catalogue of your startup. It’s better to be clear and specific with one solution than to show too many things.