This year Bind 4.0 has toured Europe to explain its acceleration program to startups in different European cities. We have been to Berlin and Hannover (Germany), London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal), Bayonne (France), Charleroi (Belgium), Barcelona, Santiago and Madrid (Spain).

Our colleagues Amaia Martínez, Cristina Oyón, Aitor Urzelai and David Montero presented how BIND 4.0 works as well as the keys of the third edition accompanied by participating startups in the previous editions and the partner companies that hired these startups. Thanks to this tour, entrepreneurs have been able to listen to experiences from startups WearHealth, Globe Testing, Tedcas, CIN Advanced Systems, Zolertia, Karten Space, Limmat Group, Hupi, Skootik, CounterCraft, Innovae and Irisbond, as well as partners Bridgestone, Euskaltel, Sidenor, Aernnova and CAF. Mentors Unai Franco and Eduardo Díez Hochleitner have also taken part in these presentations sharing recommendations to entrepreneurs interested in participating in the successful program.