Top investment rounds of Industry 4.0 startups

//Top investment rounds of Industry 4.0 startups

Though Industry 4.0 is a recent concept, there are already several startups focusing in this area that have captured attention. Some of them have even gone through big investment rounds. Let’s see the top ones, excluding those in the wide cybersecurity field:

  • ArgoAI (AI applied to cars): $1,000M
  • Zoox (AI applied to cars): $500M
  • G7 Networks (IoT applied to logistics): $320M
  • Carbon3D (additive manufacturing): $200M
  • Flatiron (AI for the health industry): $175M
  • ThoughtSpot (Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics platform): $145M
  • Uptake (predictive maintenance): $117M
  • BenevolentAI (AI for energy and health solutions): $115M
  • ElementAI (AI solutions platform): $102M
  • (AI applied to cars): $102M
  • C3 IoT (AI and IoT platform): $100M
  • Seeq (predictive maintenance): $29.3M
  • MachineMetrics (predictive maintenance): $11.3M
  • UnaBiz (IoT networks): $10M
  • Falkonry (machine learning solutions): $4.6M
  • Osprey (AI and IoT SaaS platform for image analyzing): $2.75M
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