To celebrate the wrap up of our 3rd Successful Edition, and the start of the 4th Edition on July 5, we are excited to share the story of 3 thriving companies from the 70 successful participating startups and partners who’ve accelerated their business in Basque Country through Bind 4.0. We’ve selected one company from each edition to explain in their own words how the program has boosted, strengthened, focused and improved their businesses.


HUPI: Growth and Extended Business in the Basque Region After Participating at Bind 4.0

Local artificial intelligence specialists, HUPI, established in 2013 in Bidart, France is one of the laureates of the first edition of the Bind 4.0 program.

HUPI at Bind 4.0

HUPI Co-Founder Romain Roquefere at the 2018 Basque Industry 4.0 event

Focused on the creation of AI based virtual assistants that solve concrete business problems, specifically for the industrial sector, HUPI decided to establish in 2018, HUPI IBERICA (a subsidiary 100% owned by HUPI) in Donostia – San Sebastian. 

Nowadays HUPI has a large and growing list of major clients in the basque region in the energy, transportation, industrial and automotive sectors and recently developed, in partnership with Embeblue– another proud Bind 4.0 alumni, its first cyber-physical system, an autonomous device powered by Artificial Intelligence engines, which has already been deployed.  

Although they were already anchored in Basque Country, France, Co-Founder Romain Roquefere expressed his appreciation for the program which attracted the attention of large companies in Spain, “Bind 4.0 helped get our foot in the door in the Industrial sector of Euskadi. We’ve seen growth and fostered business relationships built within the program.”  

HUPI is an excellent example of how a company can establish a solid market in Euskadi and become immersed and successful in the local industrial ecosystem. Bind 4.0 offers value by creating opportunity and market access, perhaps the largest benefit is receiving a real project with real billing providing a reputable customer reference.


CIN Advanced Systems: Access, Credibility & 3 Contracts through the Bind 4.0 Program

CIN Advanced Systems is another local, young company that significantly accelerated their business from their participation in the second edition of Bind 4.0, and have benefited from the credibility of working with a large company in the region, obtaining important projects and access to new clients and investments.  

CIN Advanced Systems at Bind 4.0

Txema Gallego, CEO at CIN Advanced Systems

CIN Advanced Systems is an advanced software engineering firm focused in the areas of Computer Vision and Advanced Robotics, a Bind 4.0 alumni, who received contracts from 3 major firms within the program, Mercedes Benz, Sidenor and Gestamp working on projects involving their innovative solutions for 3D measurement of critical dimensions and 100% defect detection.  

CIN Advanced Systems already had a value proposal and sales pitch opportunities but the credibility of the acceleration program helped boost confidence in them and establish a solid name in the industry.  

CEO, Txema Gallego Basarte shared, “Because of Bind 4.0 we were able to pitch to large companies, the giants in the Industry, and the first projects, which were very important paid projects, led to even more value in additional contracts.”

Since participation in the Bind 4.0 program, CIN Advanced Systems has grown into CIN Group with 4 locations throughout Spain (Vigo, Gijon, Boroa and Arrasate) and have expanded into different marketplaces like Automotive, Aerospace and Food Technology.  


OpenCloud Factory: Experience Gained Through Real Projects & Customers

Our third success story focuses on OpenCloud Factory one of the 32 alumni in the latest edition of Bind 4.0. OpenCloud Factory, Industrial Cybersecurity (OCF-IC) founded in Madrid in 2018, have developed a software solution for IT / OT environments that simplifies corporate network security.

OpenCloud Factory at Bind 4.0

Darragh Kelly with OpenCloud Factory presenting solutions at the Bind 4.0 Demo Day

In 2019 they received certification by the Spanish Nation Cryptology Center (CCN-Cert) and have been included in the international security standard Common Criteria product catalog for security products, which is an important milestone for positioning the company in international markets.

Darragh Kelly, Strategic Partnerships at OpenCloud Factory explained their experience with the powerful support network provided by our program: “Bind 4.0 Coordinator Marian Gabilondo gave us extremely valuable insight into how to navigate the local ecosystem, including who to approach and how to approach them. Mentors Jack Vincent and Carlos Polo were great in helping us fine tune our high level messaging to gain greater impact at the events that Bind 4.0 scheduled and also in day to day business opportunities.”

OpenCloud Factory said the biggest benefit of the program so far, has been the experience gained from Partner Arcelor Mittal. “It was a true win-win relationship, where we invested a lot of time and effort in understanding the companies needs and the company in-turn helped us truly understand what was important to them, rather than telling us what they needed. They trusted that we knew how to make things happen but we needed to have the right context to do so, and that’s what Bind 4.0 facilitated.”


We are so proud of ALL the 70 emerging companies who’ve participated in our program so far and we are grateful to the growing list of 52 collaborating Partners who’ve committed to contracting startups for innovative Industry 4.0 projects. 

We look forward to sharing many more success stories and we encourage you to join us in participating and become the next Industry 4.0 unicorn. If you are a startup with tech solutions that can be applied in the Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Health tech or Food tech sectors, apply for the latest edition of the Bind 4.0 Acceleration Program, registration is open until Sept. 13!