BIND 4.0 has started it’s 4th edition and our startups have already been busy! The 2020 Edition Kick-Off Session held in January connected our new 38 Startups with alumni and mentors for a round of networking, goal-setting, teambuilding and social activities.

So far…

Our Mentors and Corporate Partners have offered business development skills and sales training and advice on perfecting the collaboration between Corporate Partners and Startups for a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Sharpening communication, negotiation and delivery of services is a vital element for young growing companies, and are some of the many areas our Mentors, Corporate Partners and Tutors offer support, insight and training.

A word from the BIND 4.0 Team…

As we begin this fourth edition of BIND 4.0, we have confidence in our Corporate Partners who have experienced the collaboration and innovation with the Startups thus far, they know how to make the Industry 4.0 pilot projects a mutually beneficial experience.

Amaia Martinez, member of the BIND 4.0 Coordination Team, shared her insight regarding the 4th Edition so far “Our Mentors, Tutors and Venture Club members are on-hand, ready to share real feedback and advice regarding, go-to-market, scaling-up, investment, collaboration and best practices, etc. We know from our experience in previous editions, the importance of establishing at the start of the program, together with the participating startups, their expectations and the importance of having a big picture of the next six months of the acceleration program. 

We always emphasize the importance of participating in as many activities as possible, since this has an impact on getting the most out of their time in the program, not only making it possible to collaborate with our partner companies but also opening up possibilities for future collaborations within the Basque industrial fabric.

The Startup participants from this 4th Edition, have already formed strong alliances and have clarified their company vision and their expectations for the program and we are eager to support and accelerate them as they accomplish their goals.”

Bind 4.0 Kick-Off Session 2020

At the Kick-Off Session…

All participating Startups gathered for a week of goal-setting, networking, setting expectations, establishing connections and professional relationships as they head into the 24-week Program. 

We asked them to identify some of the key areas they intend to focus on: Guidance, Real Feedback, Potential Collaborations, Synergies and Contacts in the Ecosystem, Sharing Different Approaches to Similar Issues, Improving Go-to-Market Strategy, Validating Services or Technology, Growth and Scale-up Business Practices, Sharing Ideas, Perspectives and Sharing the Journey with Colleagues.

Here’s what’s in store…

In the month ahead, our 38 Startups from the 4th Edition will have the opportunity to attend more in-depth workshops based on their sector whether it be Health Tech, Smart Energy, Advanced Manufacturing or Food Tech, there are many opportunities to learn and grow. We’ll also be doing several exclusive, on-site visits to our Corporate Partners’ facilities throughout all three regions of the Basque Country.

Stay in touch…

As we head into 2020, we foresee plenty of synergies, innovation, validation and visibility for the 4th edition participants. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for daily updates on our activities.