Preparing your application for the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation and Acceleration Program? Take a look at these 3 Keys to prepare your presentation, select the best options and make your solutions clear. We want you to present your company in the best way and clarify the problems you are solving. By planning out who you can work with and targeting the needs of our Corporate Partners, your solutions will be identified clearly and quickly.

Do you have questions about who qualifies and what commitment is involved? Take a look at our FAQ page and the Terms and Conditions page to answer the most common questions and to eliminate your concerns. This program is unlike any other in our services, support, networking and commitment to success for all parties involved.

Now that you have the facts and know that it’s worth the time and effort to apply, let’s look at three key areas you can focus on for submitting a winner application.


Watch our Corporate Partners videos to see what technology they are seeking this edition. As they will review applications and request pitches, the Corporate Partners make the final decision on which Startups are selected. It is KEY to know what they need and what challenges they present in order to target your video and application.

This is the Research stage of R&D, important for any project. In this research phase all you have to do is watch and listen, here are the solutions our Partners are seeking: https://bind40.com/partners/


Explain what your solution does and the differentiation and value compared to other Startups working in the same field. Apply those differences to your advantage as you present your solutions to the Partners you are addressing in the application. Remember you can select as many as 3 Corporate Partners in the form and you can address an entire industry in the video.

Share what type of help your Startup needs in order to grow and be accelerated. Our mentors and partners are willing to help you. During the selection process they will study how they can help and compliment you. We are seeking collaborations where both parties grow.


Explain in as much detail as possible and in layman’s terms what you’re working on and what results you plan to obtain in the near future. Try to match those results with the current needs of your favorite Corporate Partners listed on our website. Make it clear what sector(s) your solutions apply to as we have several fields of interest.

Create a video just for your BIND 4.0 application. We advise you to use the video to explain one project or product, not your entire catalogue. Personalize the video so we know who you are targeting. Maybe you choose to focus on the problems in the field and how your solution addresses it uniquely. It’s better to be clear and specific with one solution than to show too many things. Don’t worry about the quality of the video, we just want to hear in your words, what you plan to do.

Sample Videos

Below are 2 excellent application videos from some of our Startup Alumni. Inovako submitted this video as part of their BIND 4.0 Application for the 4th edition. This personalised 2 minute video from AI and Machine Vision specialists Inovako, helped us connect with their high quality solutions and how they apply to our Partners needs.

Below is an application video from one of our Startup Alumni. CounterCraft submitted this video as part of their BIND 4.0 Application, and it helped us connect with where they are as a company and where they plan to go. Take a look:


Now that you’ve seen our tips to a successful application, you can apply for the program! If you’ve already applied and want to improve upon what you sent, drop us an email anytime. Thanks for taking the time to review our suggestions, we look forward to hearing about your state of the art solutions.