Why do Industry Leading Corporations choose to work with BIND 4.0 as Collaborating Corporate Partners?  

In the latest edition of the open innovation and acceleration program, 57 Top Industry Leaders chose to Partner with BIND 4.0 in order to attract and contract state of the art solutions from young Startups. Our Corporate Partners are well established in the Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Health Tech and Food Tech sectors, they partner with BIND 4.0 as a way of staying up to date and competitive in the market. 

The 4th Industrial Revolution is characterized by the digitalization of the Industrial sector which can be time consuming and requires investments into research in new areas. Collaboration with young companies is a key aspect of smart growth and a good allocation of resources. BIND 4.0 connects flexible, cutting-edge startups with large Industry-leading companies ready to implement their solutions.  


Mercedes-Benz: Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing 

Mercedes-Benz Fábrica Vitoria has worked with BIND 4.0 since the beginning, recognizing the value in our program based on the creative solutions presented. Leaders in digital automotive manufacturing, they maintain their relevance and competitive edge by valuing the outsiders’ perspective and creativity in solutions. Through BIND 4.0, they feed off the energy of the new and exciting ideas for solutions presented by startups and enjoy collaborating with agile and motivated teams.


Details of the Pilot Projects of BIND 4.0

Among all the extensive and wide-ranging solutions presented to BIND 4.0 since the first edition of the program to date, Mercedes-Benz Fábrica Vitoria selected to work with Addimen, Alteria Automation, Atelei, Atten2, Bigda Solutions, CIN Advanced Systems, Heptasense, Solid Virtual and WearHealth. In the 4th Edition, they did the project with Nexmachina Solutions, an IoT company with proprietary wireless sensors and cloud platform. Find out how they worked together:



Siemens Gamesa: Disruptive Technology Applied to Clean Energy

Siemens Gamesa are key players in the clean energy sector and pioneers in renewable energy, each year they continue to see the value in BIND 4.0 through the ease and ability of making invaluable connections and strides in innovation. Siemens Gamesa partners with BIND 4.0 because the program is a portal to talent which is then directly materialized into projects. 


Fresh Concepts Applied to Energy

In the latest edition of BIND 4.0, Siemens Gamesa contracted 3 unique startups, Binary Soul, Relimetrics and Taniwa to provide integrated software systems, predictive maintenance and quality control solutions. Siemens Gamesa praises the BIND 4.0 program for being flexible and effective. Find out more: 




Faes Farma: Research, Development and Innovation within the Health sector

Faes Farma is a big pharma company dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceuticals products. Faes Farma is focused on internationalization and maintaining its relevance in the pharmaceutical sector by collaborating with startups with innovative vision and decisive character. They like Partnering with BIND 4.0 because it is a global initiative integrating effective teamwork, where they can find outstanding startups focused on the research and development of new drug delivery systems, big data, and smart solutions.


Nanotechnology in Pharmaceuticals, Food and Health Tech

In previous editions, Faes Farma in collaboration with Quirónsalud, selected Osasen and Persei Vivarium and developed a joint project with them. In the latest edition, Faes Farma chose to contract and work with Nucaps because of their specialization in encapsulation of compounds in natural protein-based nanocapsules. Nucaps offers encapsulation of bioactives and probiotics with food proteins using nanotechnology, increasing absorption up to 30 percent.




Natra: Industry 4.0 Solutions Applied to the Food sector

Natra is one of the leading companies in Europe specialized in cocoa & chocolate products for private label and other food companies. With 6 specialized production centres in Europe and Canada, they remain current and competitive and are focused on providing the best solutions for their customers. 

Natra chose to be a Corporate Partner with BIND 4.0 in order to help their factories adapt to new technologies, to provide fast prototyping and to enable smart training and tracking solutions. 


BIND 4.0 Food Tech Projects 

In the 4th Edition BIND 4.0, Natra worked with 3D Click to develop prototypes and smart packaging solutions. 3D Click provides a smart prototyping and validation platform for the packaging ecosystem through easy, visual and collaborative AI based 3D technologies.  

Additionally, Natra worked on a pilot project with Xnext for state of the art quality inspection tools. Based on X-ray multi-energy analysis, Xnext solutions perform in milliseconds and directly on the production line, a chemical-physical analysis of the product to identify foreign bodies and non-conformities previously non-detectable by existing inspection technologies. 


Results of the Startup-Corporate Collaboration

For an explanation of the challenges faced in the food sector and the targeted and customizable solutions implemented via collaboration in the BIND 4.0 program, watch this video from BIND 4.0 Demo Day 2020.



For the past four years, BIND 4.0 has been attracting creative Startups with the agility and flexibility to collaborate, innovate and implement cutting-edge solutions in Industry 4.0. Now you know why so many Industry Leaders have chosen to join us as Corporate Partners. If you want to learn more about the collaborations thus far, take a look at the disruptive projects that have been developed in every edition of BIND 4.0.