Industry 4.0 Startups Captured the Attention of Global Companies

In the 2020 Open Call for the 5th edition of BIND 4.0 we received 750 applications from exciting startups around the world. This is the largest response we’ve received so far and we are so happy with the incredible Industry 4.0 solutions presented. After reviewing all the applicants, the BIND 4.0 Team and the 57 Corporate Partners faced the difficult task of selecting the young companies with the best profiles to collaborate on Industry 4.0 projects. 


Business as Usual, we Remain Committed to Innovation

Year after year, our Corporate Partners continue to seek dynamic companies and technologies for their ever-evolving industries. Even among the global pandemic, BIND 4.0 continues to offer well-established companies and startups the opportunity to network, collaborate and thrive. Our platform is already prepared for remote collaborations by providing online meetings, networking, mentoring and breakout sessions so our Corporate Partners and the selected startups can advance with their projects. 


Trends in Industry 4.0 Technologies Presented this year 

We want to extend our gratitude to all 750 candidatures who presented excellent and compelling solutions. This year we saw an increase in applications with IIoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions as well as Robotics and Digital Twin technology. Although we are unable to offer each one the opportunity to participate in this edition, we appreciate the time and effort spent in presenting your technology.

Ultimately there were many startups with exciting technologies that pitched their solutions directly to our collaborating Corporate Partners and now there are 72 Finalists from 17 countries for the 5th Edition of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation and Acceleration Program.


Technology for 2021 and beyond 

The digitization of the Industrial sector has brought a wide range of needs and challenges for large corporations. That’s why collaboration with flexible and agile startups is essential. Young companies can target the exact needs of our Corporate Partners and stimulate the growth of disruptive technologies needed all throughout the sector.

Our Corporate Partners select the solutions that best fit their current needs in the Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Food and Health sectors. For next year it seems the most wanted technologies will be Internet of Things, Big Data and Advanced Analytics Platforms, followed by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and Robotics. And the projects with the most traction can be considered a representation of the trends in technology for these industries in 2021 and beyond. The BIND 4.0 Corporate Partners invest in these technologies by offering a paid contract to the Startups that are selected, in order to work on an Industry 4.0 pilot project during our 24-week program.


Startups to watch for 2021

Here are the finalists from the next generation of BIND 4.0 and a list of the solutions with great potential to be applied throughout the Manufacturing, Energy, Health and Food industries in 2021.





ASIMOB Euskadi
BitMetrics Spain
FotoNow Germany
Grabit Retail Euskadi
HD Vision Systems Germany
I2U Euskadi
Itera Técnica s.l. Spain
Pervasive Technologies Spain



BlinkIn Germany
Oculavis Gmbh Germany













Alerion Euskadi
FuVeX Spain
RiACT Denmark
Saccade Vision Israel
Simumatik AB Sweden
Subsea Mechatronics Spain
Transolt Turkey
VersaBox Poland

Congratulations to the 72 5th Edition Startup Finalists! 


What’s next?

Our Corporate Partners will decide which technologies they plan to invest in and reach out directly to those Startups they want to work with regarding the project details. In January 2021, once the final selections have been made, the pilot projects will begin as we kick off the 5th cohort of our open innovation platform. Stay tuned for more updates, we will announce the Participating Startups on January 8, 2021!