5th Edition Industry 4.0 Startup Participants

It’s that time of year, the next-generation Industry 4.0 Startups will be announced for the 5th Edition of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Platform! The selected startups have presented their state of the art solutions to our Corporate Partners and have agreed to collaborate on exciting industry pilot projects for the duration of our 6-month program.


International Startups Captivated by our Industry 4.0 Platform

This summer, we received 750 applications from 73 countries, the highest amount of international startups so far, and the largest total amount of startup applicants in BIND 4.0 history! We saw so many exciting technologies presented, from big data and robotics to IoT smart sensors and artificial intelligence applied to all areas of industry. We look forward to witnessing the implementation of these solutions in the Advanced Manufacturing, Food, Energy, and Health sectors. 


BIND 4.0 Collaborations put Innovation into Action

From the 750 applicants, more than 100 next gen startups were selected to pitch their solutions directly to our 57 Corporate Partners looking to collaborate. After the pitching sessions, the Corporate Partners deliberated then made their decisions on which startups they’d like to work with for the 2021 edition. Today, we are pleased to announce the names of the 31 Participating Startups for the 5th edition of our esteemed program.  


Award Winning Program, Improving the Business Environment 

BIND 4.0 has long been considered an international benchmark program and in November 2020, received an award from the EEPA (European Enterprise Promotion Awards) for our work Improving the Business Environment. As we head into our 5th edition, this award is confirmation of the impact we have had through the acceleration of startups and it is formal recognition of our on-going commitment to business development through collaboration between private companies and public institutions.  


BIND 4.0 Community, Paving the way to Success

The participating startups will have the full support of the BIND 4.0 Community including expert mentors with professional industry experience, the BIND 4.0 Venture Club with investors specialized in the fields of the program, and the BIND 4.0 support team with expertise in industry and business in the Basque region. The BIND 4.0 projects have generated 4 million euros in turnover for the participating startups so far and 70% of startup alumni continue their work with the partners after the program. Our proven track record paves the way to success in our latest edition. 


2021 Participating Startups and the 4IR Trendsetters for the year ahead:

3R3D TECHNOLOGY MATERIALS Gipuzkoa Additive Manufacturing Ferrovial
4T2 Sensors United Kingdom Internet of Things Tubacex
Acoustic Extra Freezing Finland Freezing Technologies Angulas Aguinaga
AllRead MLT Barcelona Artificial Intelligence Sidenor
AOTECH Bizkaia Artificial Intelligence Artadi Alimentación
APlanet Bizkaia Big Data / Advanced Analytics EDP España
Mondragon BDC
ASIMOB Bizkaia Artificial Vision Elecnor
BeePlanet Factory S.L. Navarra CleanTech / Smart City Iberdrola
Mercedes-Benz Vitoria
BitMetrics Barcelona Artificial Vision Tubos Reunidos
CodeContract Bizkaia Blockchain Elecnor
Dattium Technology Barcelona Artificial Intelligence Tubos Reunidos
Eccocar Vigo Internet of Things Viuda de Sainz
Ega Solutions S.L. Araba Internet of Things ITP Aero
Erium GmbH Germany Artificial Intelligence Danobat Group
EUROCYBCAR, S.L. Araba Cybersecurity Euskaltel
Gipstech Srl Italy Indoor Positioning Erhardt
Grabit Retail Bizkaia Artificial Vision Elecnor
Hodeia Digital Bizkaia Big Data / Advanced Analytics Unilever
I2U Gipuzkoa Artificial Vision ArcelorMittal
Inalia Innovación y Desarrollo, S.L. Araba Internet of Things GH CRANES
Jungle Portugal Artificial Intelligence Ingeteam
Onena Medicines Gipuzkoa Biobased solutions BTI
Pervasive Technologies Barcelona Artificial Vision Sarralle
RKL Integral Bizkaia Cybersecurity Orona
Savvy Data Systems Gipuzkoa Big Data / Advanced Analytics Artadi Alimentación
Fagor Ederlan
OBE Hettich
Simumatik AB Sweden Robotics Batz
Sticker Control Bizkaia Internet of Things Tubos Reunidos
Subsea Mechatronics Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Robotics Enagás
TechMass srl Italy Internet of Things Tubos Reunidos
Workerbase Germany Internet of Things Eroski
Yarok Microbio Israel Biobased solutions Natra

Entrepreneurship and Industry 

The 2021 edition will have novelties like a completely online program with mentoring sessions, on-site tours and networking events held online. Thanks to the support of our 57 Corporate Partners and the SPRI Group, we know our program has the infrastructure and stability to boost young companies and put innovation into action. We’re excited to see what’s in store for entrepreneurship and industry in 2021!

Stay tuned for more news regarding the latest Industry 4.0 collaborations.