The Open Call for Startups for the 6th Edition BIND 4.0 Open Innovation and Acceleration Program came to a close on September 10, 2021, when we received a total of 772 Startup applications. The number of projects presented is a new record high for the six editions so far.

The BIND 4.0 Team couldn’t be more pleased with the interest in our program in major cities across Europe this year. Thanks to all our collaborators and expansive entrepreneurial network, we received a positive response in technological hubs throughout Europe including London, Munich, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.


Positive Response Across Countries and Continents

We received 620 International Applications, even more than last year! While 54 applications came from the Basque region and 98 from throughout the rest of Spain. The increase in the number of international candidates each year proves BIND 4.0 has established itself as a program of interest to companies worldwide.

Startup Applicants Ed 6 by Countries


Among the applications, we’d like to note the increase in startups from the European Union (447), especially from Italy and Germany, and from the United States and the United Kingdom.

There also continues to be a greater European presence each year. In the 6th edition Open Call, we received 54% of European companies with a total of 418 Startup Candidates. South America is in second place with 110 applications, followed by Asia with 99.


Breakthrough Technologies: Internet of Things / IIoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

This year, more than 26% of the projects presented are based on technologies like the Internet of Things / IIoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data to develop their solutions. These technologies are followed by Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, Additive Manufacturing, Cloud Computing and Collaborative Robotics.

All the startups who registered for the sixth edition have presented high-quality solutions, with the aim of improving processes, services, and products.


Candidates by Industry Vertical

As our program is focused on four strong and unique sectors, we are always interested in sharing how the projects and solutions can be applied. This year, 65% of the startups have presented a solution with potential application to the area of ​​Advanced Manufacturing. Followed in second place, by technologies with possible application to the Health sector with 32%, 31% of the projects apply to the Clean Energy and Sustainability sector and another 11% have a use case in the Food segment. There is an overlap in the numbers presented as many of the solutions can be applied to more than one sector.

Startup Applicants Ed 6 by Industry Vertical

65 Corporate Partners looking to Collaborate

The next step is for our 65 Corporate Clients to review all 772 of the innovative projects and select the Finalists they would like to see in the Pitching stage. The final Startups selected by our Partner Companies to work on a paid, collaborative Industry 4.0 project will be announced in January 2022.


Are you an Applicant Startup from the 6th Edition?

Here’s what you can expect in the coming months:


  •     October 1, 2021: Communication with the Pre-Selected Startups
  •     October 18 -22, 2021: Pitching Sessions to Corporate Clients
  •     November 16, 2021: Announcement of the Finalist Startups
  •     January 19, 2022: Announcement of the Selected Startup Companies in the 6th Edition
  •     February 1, 2022: Start of the Acceleration Program and Projects with Corporate Clients
  •     July 7-8, 2022: Demo Day, Results of the Industry 4.0 Projects Developed