Present your Next-Gen Solutions to BIND 4.0 at 4YFN 


BIND 4.0 will be participating in the 4YFN startup spotlight event with the Up!Euskadi platform alongside Alumni Startups on the exhibition floor in Hall 6 – 4YFN Stand 6D4A. This four-day emerging-tech expo takes place from 28 Feb – 3 March, simultaneously with MWC Barcelona 2022, which attracts the largest names in technology from around the world. 

One of the many benefits for Tech Startups in BIND 4.0 is attendance in high impact Industry events like this. Industry exposure provides startups with visibility and aims to help founders connect with potential clients and promote new business ventures. We’re proud to share the floor with hundreds of international startups and connect with established companies, investors and influential decision-makers.


Discover the Future of Industry and Innovation 


The 4YFN expo features hundreds of companies from across the globe with representatives from all facets of the tech industry. We are proud to accompany 16 Startups from BIND 4.0 and the Up!Euskadi ecosystem, who will be presenting their disruptive solutions related to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Artificial Vision, Additive Manufacturing, AR/VR, E-learning, Machine Learning, ICT, Legal Tech and Energy Storage. 

These young companies have been implementing their revolutionary technologies in real environments in the Basque Advanced Industrial Hub. Learn about the future of Industry at their public Pitching Session on March 1st at 15:00 on the Beta Labs Stage and in our Exhibition space.


16 Startups Exhibiting their Technologies at 4YFN with Up! Euskadi and BIND 4.0


BigDa Solutions Big Data / Advanced Analytics / AI
Data Value Management Big Data / Advanced Analytics / AI
Decidata Big Data / Advanced Analytics / AI
Naru Intelligence Solutions Big Data / Advanced Analytics / AI
Autentica Additive Manufacturing
Inovako Artificial Vision / AI
Veris Behavior Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
FIT Learning Systems Education / E-learning
Alterity Energy Storage
Innitius Information & Communication Technologies
Magnet Information & Communication Technologies
Nutrenaissance Information & Communication Technologies
Osoigo Information & Communication Technologies
Wellk Information & Communication Technologies
YouKast Information & Communication Technologies
Lex Program Legal Tech


Join us at these Special Events on Beta Labs Stage and in our Booth


Join us and gain insight into Startup-Corporate Collaborations and find out how to put your innovation into action


  • Up!Euskadi Presentation | MAR 1, 11:30h at the Up!Euskadi Booth HALL 6 – STAND 6D4A| Up!Euskadi the Basque Country Ecosystem platform powered by Dealroom


  • Panel Discussion | MAR 2, 12h Beta Labs Stage | What works (and doesn’t) in Corporate-Startup Collaboration: Key Learnings & Recommendations to Succeed


  • Exhibition Space  | Up!Euskadi, Basque Ecosystem Startups and BIND 4.0 | FEB 28 – MAR 3 |  HALL 6 – 4YFN STAND 6D4A


Discover the Benefits of BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Catalyst


Come by our booth and introduce yourself to BIND 4.0 for the possibility of new business ventures, an extra perk with your several days of immersion into the global tech ecosystem at 4YFN. Access the platform that has developed over 240 Startup-Corporate Collaborations in Industry 4.0 in high growth verticals like Health Tech, Energy & Sustainability, Food Tech and Intelligent Industry.

We are looking for revolutionary technologies based on AI, Big Data, IoT, Digital Twin, Collaborative Robotics, Clean Energy, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Additive Manufacturing, New Materials, AR/VR, Artificial or Computer Vision, Cyber-Physical Systems, Nanotechnology, and more. The BIND 4.0 7th Edition is coming soon, submit your solutions and join our Global Startup Network for the chance to put your innovation into action with Industry-leading corporate clients. 

Get the opportunity to position your startup as a leader in innovation and connect with the top companies in technology. BIND 4.0 will be at 4YFN to scout the latest solutions and represent Basque Industry 4.0, stop by and say hello!


BIND 4.0 Exhibit Booth | FEB 28 – MAR 3 |  HALL 6 – 4YFN STAND 6D4A


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