25+ Health Tech Solutions Implemented via Open Innovation you Should Know


The Health and Life Science industry landscape is undergoing great change based on digitalization and the transformation of processes using insight and innovation. In the past few years, the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Catalyst has accelerated more than twenty Tech Startups impacting leading health and life science companies implementing outstanding solutions. In this article, we’ll feature the disruptive startup teams who have worked on 28 Corporate-Startup innovative projects transforming digital health through our Open Innovation & Acceleration Platform. 


Global Health and Life Science Market Trends


The Health and Life Science industries are an essential aspect of society and have experienced great advancements thanks to innovation and technology, especially AI, big data analytics and machine learning. The Life Science industry comprises pharmaceuticals, research and development, biomedicine, biophysics, cell biology, medical devices, nutraceuticals, neuroscience and the countless sectors that support the development and manufacturing efforts of these fields. Analysts predict that these vital sectors will see major growth in the next few years and technology & innovation are the key.


Basque Open Innovation Platform Attracts Industry Leaders


BIND 4.0 is part of this market transformation and has Top-tier Health companies taking advantage of our Open Innovation and Acceleration Program. In the latest editions, our Open Innovation platform has had the participation of 15 Health Tech players like BTI, Cofares, Egile, Erreka, Faes Farma, Grupo Alcor, IMQ, Keralty, Mondragon, Onkologikoa, Osakidetza, P4Q, Quirón Salud, Roxall Group, and Ulma. 

Health Corporate Clients

Our Corporate Venture Clients are committed to finding innovative technologies and identifying health solutions that generate a positive impact. From improving patient care and addressing chronic illnesses to integrating new industrial processes, diagnostic devices and treatments, there is a great need for development and investment in innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

Here we will highlight the young companies contracted through the BIND 4.0 Platform, that are making a positive impact in this growing sector. Check them out and consider them for your 2022/2023 R&D & Innovation Strategies.


These Disruptive Startups Developed 25+ Collaborative Health Tech Projects



  • Accexible is a platform to early detect and monitor diseases through automated speech analysis and vocal biomarkers.
  • IOMED Medical Solutions accelerates clinical research thanks to medical language processing.
  • Heuristik helps health entities with patient identification & management.
  • Legit.Health develops Artificial Intelligence for Next-gen dermatologists.
  • Naru Intelligence develops Artificial Intelligence to improve oncology outcomes and quality of life.
  • Persei Vivarium curates clinical information from Real-World Data.
  • Trak is an AI-powered tele-rehabilitation software.
  • Glucovibes creates personalised digital solutions to help people become their best version.


  • AddiFab enables injection molders to do short-series injection molding with the lead times, startup costs and design freedom of 3D printing.
  • Naotech offers the last generation of 3D printing with robotic arms, allowing any industrial manufacturer to enter industry 4.0.
  • SamyLabs is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of 3D metal printers based on SLM technology.


  • Ikustec develops, produces and distributes software and automated/precise 3D measuring systems for the industry.


  • Oroi is a company that applies VR as a solution to generate emotional wellbeing and cognitively stimulate the elderly population.
  • Tedcas develops Human to Machine communication in both healthcare and industry 4.0 sectors.


  • Onena Medicines makes novel antibody medicines to treat cancers and rare diseases.
  • Osasen strives to develop reliable and rapid PoC systems and devices based on biosensor technology used for in vitro diagnostics.
  • Nucaps Nanotechnology helps manufacturers produce better food and supplements, solving problems of absorption, degradation and unpleasant tastes of healthy ingredients.


  • BYTEK Smart Solutions is a company focused on designing technology for society, providing solutions to Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, e-Health devices and voice integration.
  • Donomotics works on the design and installation of home automation and the building of automation projects.
  • Irisbond is a tech company leader in gaze driven HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).
  • Patia develops genomic tools and integrates them with mobile apps and wearables to prevent and control diabetes.
  • Sensing creates Tex Stretchable electronics solutions for the Internet of Things, including the “Sensing Health” portfolio for preventive care of bedridden and low mobility.
  • WearHealth supports safety and health intelligence.
  • Zolertia develops embedded hardware to simplify the connection of devices and processes to the Internet.


Ready to Connect with Industry 4.0 Leaders? 

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