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Join us on July 7th in Bilbao for the return of this face-to-face event! The Best of BIND 4.0 Demo Day 2022 showcases the innovative Startup-Corporate Industry 4.0 Projects developed with large industry-leading companies. Find the latest trends in tech and connect with the people responsible for creating and implementing exciting new solutions applied to the Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health, and Food sectors.

Attendees will discover the technological advances that have been developed so far this year, alongside our Industry-leading Corporate Venture Client Companies and our 25+ groundbreaking Startups in the latest edition of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program.

Join us in person at the Startup Expo in the Palacio Euskalduna and engage with Founders, Startup Teams, Innovators, Corporate Companies, and Investors. Plus, the Networking zone is open all day for attendees to connect face-to-face with Industry Leaders and Innovative Startups. Join us at this open innovation event and build relationships with key players in the Basque Innovation Ecosystem.


bind 4.0 demo day 2022




Discover the Startup solutions that have been validated through their latest projects within the BIND 4.0 Platform and find out how they collaborated on Industry 4.0 Projects alongside their Corporate Venture Clients. These are the 27 Startup teams who implemented real use case projects through Open Innovation and have become Industry 4.0 success stories in the process.


BIND 4.0 6th Edition Startups



Key players in the Basque Advanced Industrial ecosystem, these top-tier companies committed to innovation, have chosen to partner with BIND 4.0 to identify and contract disruptive tech startups and act as Corporate Venture Clients via our Open Innovation Platform. 


The Best of BIND 4.0 Demo Day 2022



This exciting event allows Industrial Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Innovation Leaders, and Technology Experts to…

  • Discover directly from Industry Leaders, technologies they are prioritizing in their digital transformation journey
  • See the results of Industry 4.0 Real Use Case Projects Developed in the last few months
  • Engage with BIND 4.0 Startups and see the Latest Client-Validated Technologies
  • Learn which Industry 4.0 Solutions were Implemented by our Corporate Venture Clients
  • Gain Insight into Creating Successful Collaborations and Real Impact in the Marketplace
  • Join the local Innovation Ecosystem, Connect with the Main Players in Industry and Technology



The Best of BIND 4.0


7 July Bilbao


July 7, 2022 9:30h-14h CEST Palacio Euskalduna, Bilbao