Up!Euskadi, BIND 4.0 & Latest Technologies at Largest Startup Event 4YFN

Interested in the latest technologies and opportunities for visibility, networking, investment and growth? Join BIND 4.0 at 4YFN in Barcelona. We’ll scout innovative solutions and represent Open Innovation, disruptive startups and Basque Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation.

The BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Platform will be participating in the 4YFN Startup event with the Up!Euskadi platform and alongside Startup Alumni on the exhibition floor Hall 8.1 Stands 8.1C43A & 8.1C43B. 

4YFN is a 4-day Expo for emerging technologies which takes place 27 Feb – 2 March 2023. Each year it is hosted simultaneously with the largest mobile industries event MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, which attracts the biggest names in technology. BIND 4.0 will be there representing one of the initiatives of the Basque Country, a European Hub of reference for entrepreneurship and innovation.


4YFN Startup Expo |  27 Feb – 2 March 2023  |  Barcelona 

We’ll be presenting the BIND 4.0 Platform to global tech leaders in attendance and attracting talented new startups to work on Open Innovation projects in our next edition. We’ll share some of the latest Startup-Corporate collaborations realized during our program and promote Startup Alumni, connecting them with potential clients and investors looking for disruptive, market validated technologies.


Catch the Latest Market Validated Startup Innovations 

The 4YFN Startup Expo features emerging companies from across the globe from all facets of the tech industry. This year, we proudly accompany 20 Startups from BIND 4.0 and the greater Up!Euskadi ecosystem, in which there are over 1,000 startups of reference.

Startups looking for opportunities to scale will be presenting their market validated technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Artificial Vision, ARVR, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Health Tech, IOT, Machine Learning, and a wide variety of Intelligent Industry solutions. 

These startup teams are already implementing their groundbreaking Industry 4.0 solutions in real environments in the Basque Advanced Industrial Hub. Learn about the latest endorsed technologies via projects implemented at the public Startup Pitching Session March 1st at 11:15 on the Agora Stage and at our Exhibit booth.


20 Startups Sharing Industry Endorsed Technologies at 4YFN:


Big Data / Advanced Analytics / AI 

Data Value Management


Naru Intelligence Solutions



Oreka Interactive

Cyber Security


OSANE Consulting







Health Tech Innovations


Peta Optik

Euskal Oxcitas Biotek

E Process Med

Intelligent Industry


Quantum Mads


IOT Technologies


Circular Genie



Artificial Vision  



Join us at these Special Events or in our Exhibit Booth

Meet BIND 4.0 team members & Basque Ecosystem Startups, learn about the latest Startup-Corporate Collaborations and find out how to put innovation into action.

    • Presentation “Basque Open Innovation in Action” | FEB 28, 11:15am Stand Banco Sabadell | With the participation of BIND 4.0 Corporate Partner companies Angulas Aguinaga, Erreka and Iberdrola and Startups CL Circular, Naru Intelligence and Data Value Management


    • Discovering the Best Industry 4.0 Startups | MAR 1, 11:15am Agora Stage | BIND 4.0 Startups share their latest projects in a public pitching session at MWC:
      • Naru Intelligence Solutions S.L
      • Data Value Management
      • Bexreal
      • Circular Genie
      • OSANE Consulting
      • Euskal Oxcitas Biotek
      • TRAK


  • BIND 4.0 and Up!Euskadi Startup Corner | HALL 8.1 STANDS C43A & C43B


Discover the Benefits of Basque Open Innovation 

Stop by the BIND 4.0 booth and introduce yourself to learn more about our business opportunities, and enjoy the benefits of accessing the huge tech ecosystem at 4YFN and MWC. Connect with the Open Innovation Platform that has developed over 290 Startup-Corporate pilot projects in verticals such as Intelligent Industry, Health Tech, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Food and GovTech


Attending 4YFN? Connect with BIND 4.0 in-person and see what opportunities arise!