Get ready for BIND 4.0 Demo Day, an Industry 4.0 & Innovation Showcase event


Join us at the annual Best of BIND 4.0 Demo Day event on July 6th in Bilbao. Tech Startups and Corporate Partners will present the results of their innovation projects implemented via the 24 week BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program. Investors, entrepreneurs, corporates and key industry players will discover the latest applications of AI, artificial vision, IoT and other disruptive technologies validated in the marketplace the past few months. 

Discover 25 Startups from the 7th edition of our Acceleration Program alongside the 70 Industry-leading Corporate companies from the BIND 4.0 Platform that are transforming the innovation landscape in the Basque Country. Don’t miss out on meeting Steve Blank, creator of the Lean Startup movement, father of Modern Entrepreneurship, and our Demo Day Keynote Speaker! 


BIND 4.0 DEMO DAY 2023

July 6, Euskalduna Congress Hall, Bilbao


At BIND 4.0 Demo Day 2023 you will…

    • Learn directly from Industry Leaders, the technologies they are prioritizing in their digital transformation journey 
    • See the results of Industry 4.0 Real Use Case Projects Developed in the last few months
    • Hear from the Father of Modern Entrepreneurship, Steve Blank
    • Network with BIND 4.0 Startups and see the Latest Client-Validated Technologies
    • Discover which Industry 4.0 Solutions were implemented by our Corporate Venture Clients
    • Gain Insight into Creating Successful Collaborations and Real Impact in the Marketplace
    • Discover the success of the BIND 4.0 Platform leading to other business opportunities like the SME Connection and BIND 4.0 GovTech programs 
    • Connect with the Main Players in local Technology and Innovation Ecosystem
    • Find out how to participate in the next edition of the BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program
    • Celebrate the winners of the Achievement Awards for projects of excellence across the BIND 4.0 Platform

Exciting news for Demo Day 2023:

This year, attend Professor Steve Blank’s presentation, part of our innovation and entrepreneurship programming. Blank is the Co-Inventor of the Lean Startup movement from Silicon Valley and has become a reference worldwide in the entrepreneurial sector.

The Basque Open Innovation Platform keeps growing every year with new editions and initives. Discover SME Connection and BIND 4.0 GovTech, which aim to promote digitalisation in SMEs and Basque public companies. In this event, we will learn about the results and the keys to their success.

At Demo Day 2023, we will share what the platform has achieved through Open Innovation and the collaboration between startups and corporate partners. The Basque Open Innovation Platform was designed to facilitate collaborative projects and we value those that go above and beyond expectations. Join us as we present awards to the most groundbreaking projects in the program; those that make a difference in our industries and societies.

BIND 4.0 is the key to connecting the main players and the latest solutions in Industry and Innovation. If you’re an Industry player ready to learn about trending technologies and to discover how we put innovation into action, join us at Demo Day in Bilbao! 

BIND 4.0 DEMO DAY 2023

July 6, Euskalduna Congress Hall, Bilbao



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