The BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program has opened the call to its 8th Edition. This is the best business opportunity for young companies worldwide with disruptive technologies, to establish one or more clients in the Basque Country, Spain. 

The combination of a paid Industry 4.0 pilot project plus the 24-week acceleration cycle, means startups have support and a set timeline to help them and their corporate clients execute successful collaborations. 


Participating Startups get:



70 Corporate Venture Clients Reviewing Applications

Prepare your application today to make the best impression with corporate clients looking to offer paid projects to startups with applicable solutions. Companies like Mercedes Benz, Siemens Gamesa, Repsol, Unilever, Cofares, IMQ, and Danobat Group are joined this year by Ampo, Betsaide, Vibrantz, Copreci, Talgo, and Teknia. Check out the videos of our 70 Corporate Partners who will review the qualified startup applications.


Accepting Applications Now thru Sept 8, 2023 

Interested in Hearing from Startup Alumni and BIND 4.0 Mentors? Join one of our free informational webinars presenting the benefits and details of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program: 

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Latest Technologies in Demand

The disruptive technologies of interest to the BIND 4.0 Corporate Venture Clients include but are not limited to: Connectivity and IoT Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Technologies like AR/VR and Digital Twin, Big Data Platforms and Advanced Analytics, Cybersecurity, Food Technologies and Bio-based Solutions, Robotics and Electronics, Health Tech, Hydrogen Technologies, Cleantech and Circular Economy, Software Solutions, Computing, and Additive Manufacturing. 


12 Industry 4.0 Use Cases 

This year, the BIND 4.0 Corporate Clients have prioritized 12 business use cases they are looking to address in addition to the desired technologies shared. The application form and details of each use case can be found on

Startups do not have to select a use case to apply, other technologies outside the use cases are still of great interest to the BIND 4.0 Corporate Partners. However, if you have developed a solution for one of these 12 use cases you are welcomed to apply to up to 3 of these. 


Check out the 2023 Industry 4.0 Use Cases

1 Traceability & monitoring of product life cycle and value chain 

2 Improving environmental impact, energy efficiency, and sustainability

3 Digitization and optimization of internal processes

4 Mobility Solutions

5 Maintenance of production means

6 Innovation in industrial processes, for the worker or end-user experience

7 Advanced / Collaborative Robotics

8 Customer lifecycle and funneling; Improving user/customer experience

9 Hydrogen-based solutions / Electrolysis

10 Quality Control

11 Recycling & Circular Economy; Re-use and re-integration of process residues

12 Capturing, analyzing, and valorizing biomarkers


Put Your Innovation Into Action

Startups and scale-ups ready to find one or more clients in the Basque region should use this opportunity to get their solutions in front of 70 potential customers. Prepare your BIND 4.0 application today and get ready to put your innovation into action!

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