The Basque Tech Ecosystem

A Dynamic Environment & Support Network for Startups, Tech Centres and VCs

Providing an expansive network of support for entrepreneurs and industrial activities, BIND 4.0 organizes activities for participating startups to mix with the local ecosystem.

A modern, pioneering tech and industrial environment

The Basque Country is an industrial region that has cleared a major competitive path towards innovation. With its prime commitment to R&D and the development of talent, and its unique connection to Europe and the world, the Basque Country is the place in which to invest and live.

The Basque Country, an attractive destination for industrial investment

There are so many reasons to accelerate your startup in the Basque Country:

Basque Country in figures

The Basque Country, among the most advanced regions in the world.

Strategic sectors

Basque Country, competitive in the major industrial sectors.

R&D & Innovation

Euskadi is committed to R & D and Innovation.

Talent development

Training is the key that opens the doors to a competitive future.

A well connected region

The Basque Autonomous Community, the centre of the European Atlantic Axis.

Business friendly administration

The Basque Country has fiscal autonomy, with its own governmental regulatory & administrative powers.

A place to live

Culturally & Economically unique, Basque Country has a very high quality of life.

A rich Startup Ecosystem

The Basque Country holds an advanced industrial and tech entrepreneurship hub.


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BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program and The Basque Ecosystem

BIND 4.0 is a public private accelerator program located in the Basque Country (Spain) focusing in Industry 4.0 startups with solutions applied to Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Health and Food sectors.

BIND 4.0 offers the best support services and guarantees the development of projects and the signing of contracts with high-level industrial companies in order to accelerate their business in what we call the Basque Country Industrial Ecosystem.