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R & D 3d printing filaments & 3D printers. 3Dprinting Farm.3Dprinters

  • Project: 3R3D TECHNOLOGY MATERIALS & Ferrovial. Acquisition of 3D printer for additive manufacturing using recycled materials

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7 Pitfalls for Startups to Avoid


7 Pitfalls for Startups to Avoid   In the competitive landscape of tech startups and innovative technology, time is crucial and avoiding common mistakes can save vital time and money. Learning from others' mistakes means you don’t have to make the same ones they did. BIND 4.0 collected the advice of [...]


Industry 4.0 Events and Conferences for Startups 2022-2023


BIND 4.0 attends industry events annually and facilitates the participation of our startup alumni for relevant events in entrepreneurship and innovation across verticals. To keep up with industry trends, BIND 4.0 has generated a Top 2022 - 2023 Industry Events Guide for Founders and Tech Startups. This list of 30+ [...]

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