PATIA Bind Industry 4.0 Acceleration Program Startup

CreativiTIC augments user capacities and professional skills through emerge technologies like augmented and virtual reality

  • Project: CreativiTIC & CAF. CreativiTic will develop visual manuals to be used by workers at train manufacturer CAF‘s plant of Castejón.
  • Project: CreativiTIC & Michelin. CreativiTic will use augmented reality to capture and treat production data at tire manufacturer Michelin’s plant of Vitoria.

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“We use VR and AR technologies for optimizing production processes”


Enara Artetxe is a telecommunication engineer and co-founder of the Startup CreativiTIC. It was founded in 2011 and It’s focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality technologies. The company researches in this sectors to offer innovative solutions in fields such as education, bioTech and eHealth with services in tourism, marketing, IoTs or Industry 4.0

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