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First test that certifies UN/UNECE WP.29 vehicle cybersecurity level

  • Project: EUROCYBCAR & Euskaltel.
    1. That EUSKALTEL be an international reference in promoting the cybersecure use of mobile devices
    2. That EUSKALTEL is aligned with strategic cybersecurity plan in EUSKADI
    3. That users identify EUSKALTEL as the operator that cares about informing them and educating them to make cybersecure use of their mobile devices.
    4. That companies see EUSKALTEL as a reference in cybersecurity.
    5. That EUSKALTEL see itself as a Communications company that anticipates the possible problems that crackers can cause.
    6. To help promote the culture of cybersecurity by communication companies.
    In summary: that EUSKALTEL is a benchmark for being the unique telecommunications operator in the world that cares about the cyber-secure use of mobile devices.

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