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Ikustec Vision Systems Lab Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

High value machine vision solutions. Ikustec develops, produces and distributes software and automated/precise 3D measuring systems for the industry

  • Project: Ikustec Vision Systems Lab & BTI, Egile Group, Tubacex. We are an engineering specialized in artificial vision solutions for the manufacturing industry. Ikustec aims to meet the needs and demands of the different sectors of the new industry 4.0, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, electronics, robotics, foundry and steel, chemical, safety and surveillance, textile, wood, container and packaging, cosmetics, biotechnology, aeronautics, glass and others. Ikustec offers the following artificial vision services:
    Verification: Artificial vision systems routinely use verification tools for checking objects, assemblies and packaged products.
    Defect detection: Defects such as scratches, cracks, discoloration or burn marks are small changes in the appearance of a product, which may indicate defects, and that end up making it unusable.
    Classification: Recognition prior to classification.
    2D dimensional control: Measurement of length, diameter, area, etc.
    Reading 2D and 1D codes.
    Product counting.
    Measurement and detection; plugs, parts, etc.
    Blister type identification. Packaging
    Position and angle of labels.
    OCR reading.
    3D dimensional control and reverse engineering.
    In addition to these services, Ikustec has designed and developed a fully automatic 3D scanning and complete dimensional control industrial system called; Ikusmetric (Precise industry 3D metrology).
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