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IntegraPdM Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

Helping companies obtain technical and economic benefits of predictive maintenance to anticipate the costly failures that lead to unplanned downtime.

  • Project: IntegraPdM & Bridgestone, Siemens Gamesa. airPdM is an asset health information platform for early detection of component defects that cause failures. airPdM helps to increase the reliability in the advanced manufacturing. Implementing airPdM you obtain the most reliable analysis and diagnosis of failure modes that help you to get reliable predictions for your assets and processes.airPdM is a scalable and customized solution that integrates and manages portable and online condition monitoring systems, wireless sensors, IoT Devices, process data from control systems and historians, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Besides airPdM communicates with CMMS platforms like SAP or Maximo to generate proactive work orders.airPdM helps the smart factories and advanced manufacturing to make the journey from PdM 1.0 to PdM 4.0 in a realistic and effective way filling the gap between the existing condition base maintenance systems and the predictive analytics.
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