Savvy Data Systems

Project Description

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY INNOVATIONS Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

Transforms your data into value and generate return on investment

  • Project: Savvy Data Systems & OBE Hettich. Implementation of a technological infrastructure that allows to relate process parameters with results in the product in order to improve both the processes and the design of the products.
  • Project: Savvy Data Systems & FAGOR Ederlan. Development of a technological infrastructure that allows the storage, monitoring and exploitation of data from machining centers.
  • Project: Savvy Data Systems & Artadi Alimentación. Okin needs to extract, centralize and exploit the data from its production line to:
    * be able to predict behaviors
    * improve the quality of your products
    * learn about the process and its variables, in order to reduce waste and the carbon footprint of your products
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