The Best of BIND 4.0


7 July Bilbao


The Best of BIND 4.0


7 July Bilbao


Discover the latest Industry 4.0 projects developed by leading companies in the areas of Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health and Food sectors. See how BIND 4.0 puts Industrial Innovation in Action.

Industry 4.0 Startups and Corporate Leaders in Open Innovation are ready to share their experiences working with advancements in Internet of Things, Cybersecurity,Blockchain, big Data & Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Collaborative Robotics, Waste Management, E-Mobility, Nanotechnology/New Materials and so much more!

9:30 – 14:00 Startup Expo & Networking 1-1 Meetings
09:30 Welcome Message & Official oppening
09:45 Keynote speech: Innovation, creativity, co-creation & hybridization
Salva Rock
10:32 Corporate - Startup Collaboration, Featured Success Story
Tube Surface Quality Control: Tubos Reunidos + BitMetrics
Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability

10:36 - Waste recovery project l Recycling of rejected vehicle parts upon quality gates
Recircular working with Sidenor and Mercedes-Benz

10:42 - DC2H2
EPowerlabs working with Petronor

10:47 - Photonic passive cooling over solar panels
Cooling Photonics working with Mercedes-Benz

10:52 - Voice assitant in Machine Tool Operations
Ancora working with Danobat Group

10:57 - Control and optimization of the energy consumption of the Melting Shop
BeChained Artificial Intelligence working with Tubos Reunidos

11:02 - Personal Data Anonymization based in AI for Human Resources & Innovation
Nymiz working with EDP España

11:07 - Proof of concept for the quality control of instrument transformers using artificial vision
Ingeniería y Control Merasys working with Arteche

11:12 - Integration of LiDAR technology for refractory and bath footing inspection in the EAF
Nabla Vision working with Sarralle

11:17 - Frameworks development for the Ingeteam XR Lab
Oreka Interactive working with Ingeteam

11:22 - Ergonomic assessment of a V1 system vs. a V2 version
ViveLab Ergo working with Obe Hettich

11:27 - Extended reality solution for telecare and training at the RPK Group
Ipartic Consulting working with RPK

11:32 - Cutting tool management sytem by smart AMRs
Steering Machines working with ITP Aero

11:37 - Distribution lines inspection
FuVeX working with Iberdrola

11:42 – Monitoring Power Lines
Sentrisense working with EDP

11:47 - Monitoring of failure mechanisms in instrument transformers insulating oil
FaradaIC Sensors working with Arteche

11:52 - Broaching machine monitoring
Nazca Ingeniería working with CIE Automotive
11:57 Corporate - Startup Collaboration, Featured Success Story
Green Energy & Energy Storage Solutions: Mercedes Benz + BeePlanet
12:00 Coffe-break
12:30 Corporate - Startup Collaboration, Featured Success Story
Energy Efficiency Solutions in the Food Industry: Okin (Artadi Alimentación) + Enerlogix
Health & Food

12:36 - Traceability across the value chain
CLCircular working with Eroski and Angulas Aguinaga

12:42 - Application of Artificial Intelligence to Lamination
innoSEP working with Ramondin

12:47 - Uvesco´s Corporate Wellbeing Project
GluvoVibes working with Uvesco

12:52 - Texture Measurement
ImagoAI working with Angulas Aguinaga

12:57 - DIY Process Digitalization Platform
Kaytek working with Artadi Alimentación

13:02 - Better inspection for safer food products
Deep Detection working with Angulas Aguinaga

13:07 - Telerehabilitation Platform
Trak working with Keralty

13:12- Proof of concept to validate Legit Health's AI algorithms performance
Legit Health working with Grupo ULMA
13:20 Corporate - Startup Collaboration, Featured Success Story
Smart meter reading through image: Sidenor + All Read
13:25 Presentation of the 7th Edition of BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program
13:30 Demo Day closing
14:00 Lunch
16:00 Investor Session (Room 5H)
*Private Session. By invitation only.
18:30 Post networking event (Euskalduna´s Terrace)
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