Industry 4.0 Open Innovation + Acceleration

Reach over 65 Industry Leaders who act as Venture Clients by offering contracts to Startups for real Industry 4.0 projects.

The BIND 4.0 Open Innovation and Acceleration Program connects dynamic startup teams with well-established companies, to provide external solutions for their internal digital transformation challenges while promoting the development of commercial skills and encouraging the immersion of startups in the local ecosystem, catalyzing new business opportunities.

This zero-equity approach to investing and active acceleration allows startups to maintain ownership and get reference customers while earning paid contracts for implementing solutions in real environments.

Ready to work with paying clients on real use cases with the companies driving the Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health and Food sectors?

Accelerate your Startup in the Basque Industry 4.0 Hub, with high impact mentoring, steady network immersion, specialized workshops, access to VC investors and public funding, plus a corporate customer!

What You Get

  • POC, Market Validation

  • Access to 65+ Corporate Clients

  • Startup Acceleration

  • 45K Average Contract

  • Introductions to Industry Investors

  • High Impact Mentoring

  • Cross-Vertical Network Immersion
  • Retain Ownership, No Equity Taken

  • Key Business Workshops

Promoting disruptive technologies

Already developed new solutions and ready to implement? Register for the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program. The disruptive technologies of interest expand each year to meet the needs of the 65+ Corporate Clients driving Industry 4.0.

BIND 4.0 & the venture clients look for disruptive solutions

IOT/IIOT, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative Robotics, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Vision Systems, AR/VR, Process Automation, Smart Energy / Grid Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Indoor / Geo Positioning, Biobased Solutions, Nanotech, New Materials, Medical Devices, Smart Sensors, Wearables, Clean Tech And More…

Stay tuned for the next call for startups!

What To Expect…

+ Connection
+ Acceleration
+ Validation
+ Growth

The BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program can be broken down into four interconnected phases.

What to expect


Call for Startups, Scouting Process and Pre-Selection of Desired Solutions.
Evaluation of worldwide Startups joining our global startup network as we identify the innovative solutions that meet the current needs of the venture clients and market. We engage Startups with emerging technologies and expand the Basque Advanced Industrial Hub.


Pitching Sessions and Matchmaking with over 65 Industry Leading Corporate Clients.
Selected Startups present their solutions to Industry Leaders, who elect the finalists that best fit their Industry 4.0 needs. Selected Startups and Corporate Clients define and agree upon the terms for the development of collaborative pilot projects to be carried out under the umbrella of BIND 4.0.


High Impact Acceleration and Industry 4.0 Project Implementation.
24 weeks of active acceleration with high impact workshops, a dedicated expert mentor, regular networking events, access to financing and exceptional business support. Startups implement their technologies with one or more of our Corporate Clients in a win-win collaboration. Startups get POC and market validation while Corporates get real solutions.


Innovation Showcase & Activities in Basque Industrial Ecosystem.
Steady immersion thru networking, visits to companies and Industry events for on-going promotion of exciting new solutions in the local ecosystem and regular connection with large companies. Each Program ends with the Open Innovation Showcase, presenting the results of the Industry 4.0 projects realized during the acceleration cycle.

BIND 4.0 Supports your Startup and puts your Innovation into Action

6 Editions Of Proven Success

With over 200 Industry 4.0 Projects realized since 2017, joining BIND 4.0 means being part of an influential group of startups, corporates, investors and professionals forming a large business support network.

“BIND 4.0 offers a unique opportunity to boost your project through a partnership with a leading company and accelerate your time to market”
“The combination of workshops, company visits and project collaboration is unique and useful for every startup.”
Nordbo Robotics

“The biggest advantage of taking part in BIND 4.0 is the established community: BIND 4.0 Team, world-leading corporates, mentors and startups altogether pursuing new challenges and solutions.”

Flythings Technologies

BIND 4.0 Program Impact

Projects developed
Euros Real Turnover
Startups Impacted
Average Project Amount
Contract retention Post-Program
Startups Double Billing