What is BIND 4.0 GovTech?

Via BIND 4.0 GovTech, young companies will face the technological challenges of government organizations through open innovation projects. The selected startups will be able to implement their solutions in real environments, collaborating with one or more public sector companies in the Basque Country.

The BIND 4.0 team has identified 6 challenges currently faced by the participating public organizations: EJIE (IT & Digitisation), EVE (Basque Energy Agency), HAZI Fundazioa (Agriculture, Fisheries & Food), IHOBE (Environmental Management), RPTE (Technology Park Network) and Spri (Business Development Agency).

This new initiative offers startups the opportunity to work on real projects in response to the challenges identified. The selected startups get a reference client in the public sector and access to training to be competitive in the sales process to the public administration.

Startup Benefits

  • Real Projects with Real Turnover

  • Facilitated Access to Market & Public Services
  • Rapid Implementation of Solutions
  • Reputable Reference Customer
  • Positioning and Visibility
  • Maintain Technology Ownership
  • Training to Navigate Public Sector
  • BIND 4.0 Proven Success Model

Startups benefit from working with government agencies on innovation challenges that enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability of public services.

Who can participate?

  • Companies that are no more than 8 years old, that present the use of new technologies to meet the needs of current challenges facing the public sector.

  • Startups with disruptive technologies, that have already completed their technological development. Startups that have a product or solution that can be tested, proven, or is already available on the market.

  • Startups or scale-ups with innovative solutions that can be applied to different branches of public services, including: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Computing, IoT, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Climate Neutrality, Sustainability, and more.

GovTech Challenges for 2023

Seeking a variety of disruptive solutions are government agencies that focus on Energy & Sustainability, Environmental Management, Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, Business Development, Information Technology & Digitisation, and the Basque Technology Park Network.

IT & Digitisation


Energy Agency

eve.web 1

Agriculture, Fisheries & Food


Environmental Management


Technology Park Network


Business Development Agency


Key dates

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