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Currently selecting new Startups in the Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy and Health Tech industries. 38 Alumni Startups have already developed Industry 4.0 projects for 34 corporates.

Current Startups

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Startups Second Edition

Alteria Automation logo
Alteria Automation & Mercedes Benz
Robot sensorization for predictive maintenance improvement.
Atten2 Advanced Monitoring
Atten2 & Mercedes Benz
Oil and machine degradation control. Oil circuit monitoring solution for compressors and hydraulic systems (lifting table).
CIN Advanced Systems
CIN Advanced Systems & Gestamp
Development and construction of an artificial vision prototype for non-contact measurement of sheet thickness in areas susceptible to stretch-type defects.
CIN Advanced Systems & Mercedes-Benz
Sheet metal quality control in assembly process.
CIN Advanced Systems & Sidenor
Development of an automatic and continuous arrow measurement system with artificial vision.
CounterCraft logo
Countercraft & Arcelor Mittal
Application of active cybersecurity techniques.
Countercraft & Elecnor
Design, implementation and support of a counter-intelligence platform.
Dative mapping your future logo
Dative Partners & Euskaltel
Data analytics project aimed at creating value for Euskaltel’s customers.
Enigmedia logo
Enigmedia & DanobatGroup
Pilot project of industrial hardware encryption.
Flythings logo
Flythings & Alegria Activity
Flythings & Alegria Activity
Globe Testing
Globe Testing & Euskaltel
Automated system for monitoring user experience in new IOT services of Euskaltel Group.
Heptasense logo
Heptatense & Mercedes Benz
Process compliance control in manual position.
Karten logo
Karten Space & Iberdrola
Analysis of the vegetation around electrical infrastructure using satellite images.
Keynetic & Batzp
Securing networks based on ongoing risk analysis.
Keynetic & DanobatGroup
Pilot project aimed at testing how SDN networks can complement Danobat´s capabilities in cybersecurity.
Limmat Group
Limmat Group & CAF
Predictive maintenance of infrastructures based on a scalable assistance system. The objectives are to improve the efficiency of the maintenance process, the management of resources and the availability of facilities.
Limmat Group & Sener
Project focused on the asset management field.
Lis solutions logo
LIS Solutions & Elay
Special programming of the Berckhoff automation tool in order to acquire the capacity of introduce owned models.
Mesbook logo
Mesbook & Michelin
IoT project aimed at optimizing preventive maintenance of a cable processing machine.
Mesbook & RPK
Connection, control and management of the forming machinery area and its possible connection with the current ERP in order to supervise three levels (operator, managers and direction).
Mizar Additive Manufacturing
Mizar & Maier
Implementation of different additive manufacturing technologies in the development of thermoplastic automotive components. The focus areas are: prehensions, inserts in molds (refrigeration) and displacements.
Nanocnet logo
Nanocnet & Sener
Development and validation of a conductive ink based on the NanoSilvex material in order to improve the quality and / or reduce the cost of waveguides made of aluminum and titanium which are used in the aeronautical industry.
Naotech Solutions & Alcor
3D printing software that corrects anisotropy and reinforces the company’s developments in Additive Manufacturing.
Obuu & Repsol-Petronor
Warehouse management optimization.
Optimitive logo
Optimitive & Repsol-Petronor
Validation of approximation through neural networks to RTO in process units.
Optimus 3D
Optimus 3D & Aernnova
Development of new additive manufacturing tools for industrial processes and metallic aeronautical components assembly.
Optimus 3D & CAF
Introduction to the additive manufacturing technology, redesign of pieces oriented to this technology and manufacture of prototypes for its geometric, dimensional, mechanical and structural validation.
Relyum by SOC-e
Relyum by SOC-e & ITP
Machines / installations connection for controlling and real time alerts.
Skootik logo
Skootik & Batz
Modeling and optimization of manufacturing processes based on advanced analytical techniques.
>Solid Virtual
Solid Virtual & Fagor Ederlan
Virtual training system that helps staff improve the perception of risk detection and improves decision making about risk situations and their consequences.
Solid Virtual & Mercedes Benz
Assistance to tolerance analysis in prototypes.
Stockare & ABB
Automatic output record of measurement equipment and tools from the warehouse with RFID technology. Geolocation and tracking of the equipment from ABB plant in Galindo to the different customer’s locations with Sigfox technology.
Tedcas logo
Tedcas & Aernnova
Development of a quality control solution adapted to Aernnova´s needs, including all technologies and functionalities in order to cover manufacturing needs and internal logistics.
Tedcas & Alcor
Application of speech and movements recognition technologies in the development of a Medical Device.
Tedcas & ITP
Remote viewing and recording of operations in visual inspections by penetrating liquids and RX. Level 3 LP / RX inter-center assistance for augmented reality.
Wearhealth logo
Wearhealth & Bridgestone
Workers’ safety system, capable of detecting falls. Risk assessment of different jobs.
Wearhealth & Mercedes Benz
Ergonomic evaluation in real time.
2olertia logo
Zolertia & Ulma
Monitoring of production cells in industrial plants.

Startups First Edition

Addimen logo
Addimen & Mercedes-Benz Vitoria
Addimen will apply additive manufacturing to Mercedes Benz’s metal pieces at its vans plant in Vitoria.
Addimen & Mercedes-Benz Vitoria
Addimen will obtain 3D models of a very specific piece used in Petronor-Repsol’s oil refinery in Muskiz. The manufacturing of these pieces does currently take around 12 months and both partners expect it to take 24-48 hours one additive manufacturing is introduced in the process. Petronor-Repsol wants also to create a virtual 3D map of all the pieces it uses at its refinery.Algo Engines & Nabla - Grupo Alcor
Algo Engines
Algo Engines & Nem Solutions
Algo Engines will apply auto-regressive models (Arima) at Nem Solutions offices in San Sebastian. Algo Engines will develop a remote monitoring application for wind energy operators.
Bigda Solutions logo
Bigda Solutions & Mercedes-Benz Vitoria
Bigda Solutions will increase energy efficiency at Mercedes-Benz vans’ plant in Vitoria with advanced analytics solutions.
Bihartech & CAF
Bihartech will train workers of train manufacturer CAF with VR tools.
Creativitic logo
CreativiTIC & CAF
CreativiTic will develop visual manuals to be used by workers at train manufacturer CAF‘s plant of Castejón.
CreativiTIC & Michelin
CreativiTic will use augmented reality to capture and treat production data at tire manufacturer Michelin’s plant of Vitoria.
Decidata logo
Decidata & Euskaltel
Decidata will apply big data to identify patterns of behaviour in telecom operator Euskaltel‘s mobile customers in order to optmize investments in its network.
Embeblue logo
Embeblue & CAF
Embeblue will use predictive maintenance to monitor railway operator Renfe’s trains from its base near Madrid.
Hupi Logo
Hupi & Maier
Hupi will apply big data and machine learning to chrome plated processes at auto parts manufacturer Maier in Gernika.
Innovae logo
Innovae & ABB
Innovae will develop a maintenance assistance system based on augmented reality for ABB in Barcelona.
Innovae & Danobat
Innovae will apply augmented reality and wearables to machine tools manufacturing processes at Danobat‘s plant in Elgoibar.
Irisbond logo
Irisbond & ABB
Irisbond will develop a communication protocol based on eye tracking technologies for ABB in Barcelona.
Zylk Logo
Zylk & ITP
Zylk Industry will develop a big data solution to optimize manufacturing processes at airplane engines manufacturer ITP‘s plant in Zamudio.