32 new Startups and 38 Alumni Startups

32 Startups in the Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy and Health Tech industries have been selected for this year’s programme. 38 Alumni Startups have already developed Industry 4.0 projects for 34 corporates.

Current Startups

Startups Third Edition

Addilan Logo
Addilan & Maier
Metal Additive Manufacturing in manufacturing process.
Atelei & Mercedes Benz
Sensorization and manufacturing process Analytics. Monitoring of gases in the ESKAS (hydrogen sulfide) and detection of solvent leaks.
Atelei & Orona
Mobile based user interface. Remote calls, accessibility and geopositioning at elevators.
Bead Technologies Logo
Bead Technologies & Viuda de Sainz
Sensorization pilot.
Bioscan Research Logo
Bioscan Research & Ulma
Ctechnano Logo
Ctechnano & Danobat Group
Coatings for machine tools' components
Differengin Logo
Differengin & Viuda de Sainz
Sensorization pilot
Eave logo
Eave & Bridgestone
Auditee Smart protection in textile plant.
Eave & Viuda de Sainz
Sensorization pilot.
Bettergy Logo
Bettergy & Gestamp
Machine learning applied to energy efficiency.
Engidi Logo
Engidi & ABB
Analysis of the use of EPI's (helmet) and working conditions in remote location. Warning of severe impact and falls.
Flythings Logo
Flythings & Bridgestone
Online monitoring of 1500 KW electric motors.
HDIV & Euskaltel
Cybersecurity on apps
Iddo & Mondragon BDC
Iddo & Repsol-Petronor
Technological scouting on Additive Manufacturing technologies.
Immersia Logo
Immersia & Sidenor
Data management and visualization
Iomed Logo
Iomed & IMQ
Improve management with the codified clinical history.
Jakincode & CIE Automotive
Cybersecurity at forging components' plant.
Jakincode & Euskaltel
Design of a cybersecurity product for corporates.
Jakincode & Elecnor
Evaluation of results on threats of exfiltration of non detected information.
Ludus Logo
Ludus & Gestamp
Training with virtual reality for bridge cranes' handling
Naru Intelligence
Naru & Alcor
Development of a new personalized medical service.
Naru & Quirón
Development of a new personalized medical service.
Neosentec Logo
Neosentec & Batz
Development of an augmented reality tool for the digitalization of processes in the automotive sector.
Meuron soundware Logo
Neuron Soundware & Mercedes Benz
Application of ultrasound to the detection of mechanical degeneration of robot dolls.
Niceveri Logo
Niceveri & Bridgestone
Smart safety control in mobile equipment.
Opencloud Factory
Opencloud Factory Industrial Cybersecurity & ArcelorMittal
Opencloud Factory Industrial Cybersecurity & Elecnor
Evaluation of risks derived from non compliance. Implementation of passive, adaptive visibility and adaptive control solutions. Network project for integral access control.
Oretek Logo
Oretek & Tubacex
Osasen Logo
Osasen & Faes Farma
Customization of a miniaturized digital biosensor for the integration of diagnostic data.
Patia Logo
Patia & Keralty
Prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases linked to aging.
Persei Vivarium
Persei Vivarium & Faes Farma
Beta version of a system that will incorporate a functional prototype of the stem care process for the management of allergies.
Persei Vivarium & QuironSalud
Samylabs & BTI
Dental CAD/CAM and additive manufactured dental prostheses.
Samylabs & Egile
Additive manufacturing applied to real medical parts.
Tumaker Logo
Tumaker & CAF
Additive manufacturing applied to manufacturing
Tyris Software
Tyris Software & RPK
Predictive maintenance at production line.
Tyris Software & Sener
Optimization of Life Cost Cycle with predictive models at water treatment plants.
Veltium Logo
Veltium & Iberdrola
Integration of mobile app with electric chargers.
Vixion Logo
Vixion & Cikautxo
Development of an automotive 4.0 cell.
Vixion & Michelin
Witrac Logo
Witrac & Aernnova
Centralized system of geolocation of pieces in interiors.
Witrac & ArcelorMittal
Xabet Logo
Xabet & Fagor Ederlan
Predictive analytics oriented to the quality of molding (casting of aluminum in low pressure).